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We wish to apply for FII membership. The application form, duly completed, is submitted along with relevant supporting documents.
Kindly acknowledge receipt of the above and confirm our Membership.
Yours faithfully

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Sales turnover (last Two Years):
Fee Structure
For Manufacturing and service sector with effect from 15th June 2020
Category Investment limit Annual Turnover ( Total of Domestic and Export Turnover) Entrance fee (INR) One time only* Annual Subscription (INR)
Upto INR 1cr Upto INR 5cr 2,500 5,000
Upto INR 10cr Upto INR 50cr 5,000 10,000
Upto INR 50cr Upto INR 250cr 10,000 40,000
  • The entrance fee and membership fee shall be refunded, in case membership application is not approved.
  • Large Industry: For turnover exceeding Rs. 250 crore, membership proposals shall be submitted on request.
  • Proof of the latest investment figure (either a registration certificate or a certification by the auditors) is to be submitted.
  • Affiliated Association/Institutional Member / Associate Member / Social Organisation– Rs 25,000 per year
  • Chartered Accountant / Company Secretary / Advocate – Use Separate Form
  • For fresh start up Companies not yet started production: Rs. 5 ,000/- p.a. (fixed). Give Startup registration certificate.
  • Membership Subscription is calculatedon the basis of financial year (1st Apr- 31st March).